E6000. E6000 is formulated to meet high performance industrial requirements. The self-leveling formula forms a powerful bond with most any material and will remain flexible once cured. E6000 Industrial will handle just about any project DIYers or PROs throw at it! Tough – 2X stronger and 60X more flex than Polyurethane! Non-flammable once cured.. E6000® CRAFT ADHESIVE Clear, Black and White E6000 ... 2 fl oz.(59.4mL) tubes: 50,000 cps. All other sizes: 100,000 cps. ~ 4 minutes 20 minutes*. E-6000 Clear Industrial Adhesive Medium Viscosity Glue 3.7 oz. 230022 by E6000 18. $27.75 $ 27. 75. MMOBIEL E-8000 Multipurpose High Performance Industrial Glue Semi Fluid Transparent Adhesive Incl. Precision Tips for Clean Working ... E6000 237039 Multipurpose Adhesive, Black, 2 Oz. "/>E6000 237039 multipurpose adhesive black 2 oz