Feb 03, 2022 · After catching her fiance cheating with his realtor partner, Aubrey Peters decides to sell everything and move cross country to LA. With the help of her cousin and self-proclaimed influencer, Eloise, Aubrey slowly starts to rebuild the shambles of her life.. Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that in reporter Ben Montgomery's six years of Florida data there were, on average, 130 people shot and killed each year. Police officers did indeed shoot 130 people per year, on average, but only half of those shootings were fatal. The audio has been adjusted to reflect this fact. 5 hours ago · The unnamed man fired at the officers through the patrol vehicle windshield, BPD said in a news release. 3-year-old dies after falling from building in Buffalo Authorities went after the man on .... "/>Shots fired stories